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Mitsubishi Concept Cars and SUVs


The Mitsubishi car and SUV company is part of a huge Japanese keiretsu (a group of companies that operate independently). The total Mitsubishi group revenue equals to approximately 1.5% percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product. Other important companies in the group are:

  • the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Japan's biggest bank),
  •  the Mitsubishi Corporation (a commercial company) and
  •  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (a manufacturing conglomerate).

Among other products, Mitsubishi builds rockets, ships, tankers, jets, Nikon cameras and... Kirin beer. This year, the Mitsubishi group of companies is celebrating 100 years since its inception. To take a glimpse into the next 100 years of the brand, we are presenting you with these concept SUVs that Mitsubishi has revealed to its worldwide audience.

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All future Mitsubishis are based on all-wheel drive platforms featuring internal combustion engines and hybrid-electric powertrains. The XR-PHEV compact SUV features a 1.1-liter direct-injection turbocharged MIVEC engine and a 12-kWh battery. This battery can be recharged not only while driving; it can also do that when plugged in to the hydro socket in your garage.
The XR-PHEV active safety systems feature an on-road danger detection system and an early warning system that scans the vehicle systems for warnings or when maintenance is necessary. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), this system is also capable of making its own decisions on which part of the powertrain to use, according to various performance parameters and environmental conditions:
  • Full electric
  • Series-hybrid
  • Parallel-hybrid
Battery-saving options and battery-charging modes are also available, should the driver want that.

EX Concept


This plug-in electric hybrid is compact, sporty, and nimble, delivering 400 kilometers of all-electric range. Instead of using the Mitsubishi standard S-AWC system, the electric part of the drivetrain helps when All-wheel drive is needed.

The infotainment system features Mitsubishi's Augmented Reality “Intelligent Display” windshield to provide all information needed, when needed. Safety information, navigation or route data and even road sign information can be displayed. Cloud-linked Artificial Intelligence capabilities can also download and display information related to the passenger needs/wants or possible interests and hobbies. Coupons or offers can also be streamed, directly on your smartphone.

Door mirrors have been eliminated and replaced by side view cameras and monitors that display and report information when needed. A rear-view monitor is also available to provide an even better view of the environment, compared to a conventional rear view mirror.

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